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a8s PostgreSQL 
for Kubernetes is here. 

Quickly create and deploy a8s Postgres to local Kubernetes clusters easily with our free CLI

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Core Features of a8s Postgres

Automated Backups & Restore

Replication Management

Prometheus Metrics

Topology Awareness

Fully Declarative API

Take off-site backups that are fully encrypted and compressed. Restore instances from your Backups via native Kubernetes API.

Show the health of the deployed PostgreSQL instances and allow human operators to notice problems as they arise.

Allows the GitOps approach to manage the PostgreSQL instances and the application bindings for accessing them.

The automation will take care of setting up replication and handling failover if the cluster becomes unhealthy.

Increase availability by scheduling replicas on different servers, racks, and availability zones.

a8s PostgreSQL brings the power and flexibility of PostgreSQL®, the world’s leading open source relational database, to Kubernetes. Our PostreSQL as a Service offering is a self-managed or fully-managed service that streamlines how you deploy and manage databases.

Seamless PostgreSQL Management in Kubernetes

Selected Benefits of a8s PostgreSQL

Reduce Load on Administrators

Overview of Your Service Data Landscape

Own Your Data

Reduce Infrastructure Cost

Developer Self-Service

Instances are fully managed and don’t require manual intervention in their normal life cycle.

Enjoy fully managed databases on your on-prem Kubernetes cluster and keep your data private while taking advantage of features you would know from managed cloud services.

Accelerate your developers by giving them the power to create new database instances on demand, reducing coordination overhead and improving cycle times.

All information about service instances is declaratively described and can be version controlled. Metrics help you understand the state of your whole landscape. Rollbacks are possible in case of mistakes.

Running your Data Services on the same infrastructure as your application reduces the cost for servers or dedicated managed databases that run on cloud provider infrastructure.

Learn How to Use a8s PostgreSQL 

What Makes a8s PostgreSQL  Unique?

Ready to make managing databases so much simpler?
Try out our CLI, and quickly create local Kubernetes clusters and install the a8s PostgreSQL data service! Learn more about PostgreSQL or watch our a8s PostgreSQL video tutorials below.

Optimized for operational efficiency through built-in reliability and observability features, it allows IT departments and operators to easily manage and observe PostgreSQL instances in their entire IT landscape. 

At the same time, they fully control the cloud resources they expose to their internal and external customers. 

It allows DevOps to consume PostgreSQL instances conveniently, quickly, and in an automatable way. They also benefit from additional features like high availability, backup, restore monitoring, logging, and more.

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